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Party No Woman, No High!

Saturday, March 8th, 2014 – 23:00




Let’s get high on women! Party @ Gaia

Hello, my lovely people! This Saturday is such a glorious day!

We're celebrating women of GAIA and we have so many reasons to do that! They are great, beautiful, amazing, strong, independent, gentle, wild, sexy, charming, hot, elegant, intriguing, brilliant, refined, delicate, brave, high-class, truthful, glowing, gorgeous, mysterious, adventurous, bold, devoted, fascinating, noble, important, outstanding, sharp, sensible, lovable and most of all PERFECT in every single way!

This Saturday, ladies and gentlemen, let's celebrate all the qualities that make the GAIA women so damn PERFECT! Once again let's show everyone that, with every party, we have the privilege of enjoying the presence of best women ever. Because there is no doubt that GAIA shelters the very perfect crowd of women in town! Let's show everyone that Gaia Women turn Earth into Heaven. Let's get high on women!

Dress code: No dress code as you know it better!

Note to self: Behind a strong woman there's only herself!