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Party Bucharest Queer Night

Saturday, March 1th, 2014 – 22:00


Control Club

How much

10 LEI


Dear ❥ Precious Wonders of this World ❥ [plus] Everybody Else, ❥

It is fresh life we wanna cook together in the night our ancestors used to do it too. Blow away the cold, melt your ♡s, shake your bon bons and expose realness. 

Let it bake! Inside and out.

The ritual dances will happen under the strict directions provided by as many Djs as we could gather in a democratic bloom:

❥ 125 grams of fruity mafia with Tight Cherry ❥(https://soundcloud.com/tightcherry/r-sun-din-ad-ncuri)

❥ 2,5 slices of menthol psytrance with Djane Balaura ❥

❥ 15 drops of Norway with Miss Charlotte Bendiks ❥


❥ 5 bunches of g(h)et(t)o dacic spices with Scoromide ❥

❥ one piece of hard sexiness with Ion D ❥

❥ 3,5 liters of pure Caribbean royal witch kraft with Pneumatic ❥

[the whole trouble for only 10 RON]

dress code: #GlenOrGlenda #GenderFuck #crossDressing #GenderBender #GenderBlender #dragQueen #dragKing #bioQueen #fauxQueen