THE IRREPRESSIBLES (UK) – NUDE Live – Concert – Events in Bucharest



Saturday, March 23th, 2013 – 22:00 – ART POP / ORCHESTRAL / ELECTRONIC Concert


Control Club

How much

50 LEI


In the last eight years since their early beginnings THE IRREPRESSIBLES have fundamentally carved a new frontier in pop with their influence seen on much of today's music scene. 

Iconoclastically fusing classical orchestration, grunge rock, kitsch, exotica, electronica, sound art, jazz, samba, folk and much much more into a heady and heavily emotional style of music that is created instinctively, playfully and cathartically by McDermott. Initially critics and music industry couldn't understand what it was with the collective embraced only by the art and fashion world - but with their eventual influence on more mainstream artists they were eventually able to find support and see the release of their debut album Mirror Mirror and forthcoming album Nude throughout the world.




Jamie McDermott - Artist / Composer / Lead Vocalist / Guitars / Piano / Electronic programming
Nicole Robson - Cello / Backing Vocals
Charlie Stock - Viola / Backing Vocals
Jordan Hunt - Violin / Backing Vocals
Chloe Treacher - Double Bass / Backing Vocals
Sarah Kershaw - Piano / Synths / Tubular Bells / Backing Vocals
James Field - Drums / Electronic Kit / Percussion / Backing Vocals
Ian Tripp - Drums / Electronic Kit / Xylo-synth / Backing Vocals