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Concert Balkan Gypsy Punk Metal Concert

Thursday, December 12th, 2013 – 21:00


Silver Church

How much

50 LEI


KULTUR SHOCK (gipsy-punk) Concert in Bucharest @ Silver Church on December 12, 21:00

Founded in Seattle in 1996, Kultur Shock is the brain-child of Yevdjevich, who relocated to the US with the help of Joan Baez following the Siege of Sarajevo (92-94). The band began as an electric-folk-trad quartet, but with some pushing from the likes of Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic (himself the child of Croatian immigrants)—Yevdjevich reformed the band as a rock outfit borrowing from the catalog of Balkan trad. 

Kultur Shock's style is impossible to define- many critics throw SOAD, Gogol Bordello, Manu Chao, Gang of Four, The Pogues, Balkan folk music, punk rock, heavy metal as references to it, but nothing can prepare the unsuspecting listener to what is going to come out of their home stereo speakers or what's going to happen to them during the 90 minutes live shows that the band is known for. In two words- the description is a mix of all of the above in a seamless new sound, which takes the listener on a trip and never let’s goes.

Opening Act:

Niste Baieti RO

Ticket prices:

35 lei until the evening of the concert

50 lei at the club