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Festival NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER @ Fusion Arena

Friday, November 29th – 16:00 – Metal Fest @ Bucharest


Fusion Arena

How much

159 LEI


Friday, November 29th – 16:00 - Saturday, November 30th – 00:00 @ Fusion Arena

November to Dismember Metal Fest is a different attitude in the wild East. Underground Metal Fest @ Bucharest

This event is done by Axa Valaha Productions & Ribcage Booking, long time metalheads involved in the extreme metal scene for more than 15 years.

For those ones coming from far, Axa Valaha Productions & Ribcage Booking prepared a special offer, which includes the two-days ticket at NDMF, bed & breakfast for two days in one of the nicest and most friendly hotels in Bucharest also used by the bands in the festival, airport transfer( if you come by flight), secure parking area( if you come by car), transfer to and from the festival area several times a day and a secret gift prepared for each one of you, which you wont find anywhere else to buy.

All of these for only 99 Euro. All included. Reserve your places at [email protected]


November to Dismember Metal Fest first edition gathers on stage six headliners, including an exotic, Japanese band SURVIVE , an example of eighties thrash metal combined with traditional heavy metal and a total of nineteen bands from thirteen countries, as follows:

Hail of Bullets  (Netherlands)

Aura Noir (Norway)

Impaled Nazarene (Finland)

Ahab (Germany)

Avulsed (Spain)

Negura Bunget (Romania)

Daemonicus (Sweden)

Eternal Decay (Israel)

Festering Remains (Sweden)

Feto in Fetus (Poland)

Grimegod (Romania)

Infest (Serbia)

Krow (Brazil)

Riul Doamnei (Italy)

Scarecrow (Finland)

Sincarnate (Romania)

Solace of Requiem (USA)

Spasm (Czech Republic)

Survive (Japan)

Terminal Prospect (Sweden)

Tickets: 2 days pass: 159 lei / 40 Euro // 1 day ticket: 90 lei / 23 Euro.