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Festival Tribal Fest Bucharest @ ArCub

Friday, November 1th, 2013 – 14:00




Cutting edge dance workshops, Contest for professional and semi-professional dancers, Open stage, Bazaar & Gala Show

Tribal Fest Bucharest  is the first initiative of this kind in Romania  and it's special because all the dancers that are going to be part of it, are pioneers, contributing to making this style more accessible in the region, thus opening the gates to innovation.


What exactly is Tribal Fusion Belly Dance?

It's a contemporary dance style, born and bred around year 2000 in San Francisco, derrived from ATS (American Tribal Style). Both Tribal Fusion as well as ATS, have the same foundation: a sequence of moves of middle eastern descent.

Tribal Fusion blends specific elements from different dance backgrounds: from traditional (African, Balinese, Flamenco), to classic (Indian or Persian), ethnic (Egyptian) or even modern (Hip-Hop, Break-dance, Pop Locks). Unlike ATS, soloists/troupes start to dance on a preset choreo. Costuming changes according to each dancer's style. Music also changes to become more electro or western. Today, you can see different kind of Tribal Fusion, such as gothic fusion, burlesque fusion, vintage fusion, urban fusion.

Fest Schedule

Friday, Nov 1                      


Tjarda -  The Creative Lab - 14:00 ArCuB Workshop Hall

Ashley -  Fast Furious, Silky Snake - 16:30 ArCuB Workshop Hall

Manca -  From Tribal to Fusion - 19:00 ArCuB Workshop Hall

Saturday, Nov 2                                


Manca - The Silky Upgrade for the Tribal dancer - 10:00 ArCuB  Workshop Hall

Ashley - Catchy Fusion Combos - 12:30 ArCuB  Workshop Hall

Tjarda - Valuable Technique for Contemporary Fusion - 15:00 ArCuB Workshop Hall

Bazaar - 12:00 ArCuB Foyer

Open Stage - 18:00 ArCuB Show Hall

Fusion Dance Competition - 19:00 ArCuB Show Hall

Sunday, Nov 3                   


Manca - Beyond Choreography -  10:00  ArCuB Workshop Hall

Ashley - Building Character - 12:30 ArCuB Workshop Hall

Tjarda - In a Manner of Speaking - 15:00 ArCuB Workshop Hall

Bazaar - 12:00 ArCuB Foyer

Gala Show - 20:00 ArCuB Show Hall