Artmaroc 2 w. Argaetic - Art Fair – Fair – Events in Bucharest


Fair Artmaroc 2 w. Argaetic - Art Fair

Sunday, October 20th, 2013 – 16:00




Artmaroc 2 w. Argaetic art garage sale

Andrei Argaetic is selling T-shirts, bags, paintings, stickers, prints, sculptures, urban toys, wallets, accessories and many other artsy surprises in a cozy Bucharest place, cute sunny terrace.

The artist will perform wood live drawing.

Paste-ups and stickers Workshop starting 6 pm.

Invited artists: 
Karpov not Kasparov- music
Alina Anca (videopion)- video mapping

Guest friends:
Tanaaa! and Woodyo

Special Guest: Mecanic Typhographic Machine

Free entrance