Punk Concert @ Underworld Club Bucharest w. Voodoo Healers, Raizing Hell, Anomalii – Concert – Events in Bucharest


Concert Punk Concert @ Underworld Club Bucharest w. Voodoo Healers, Raizing Hell, Anomalii

Friday, October 18th, 2013 – 21:00



How much

10 LEI


Punk Concert @ Underworld Club Bucharest 

Voodoo Healers (punk'n'roll, GR)

Raizing Hell (horror punk/rock'n'roll)

Anomalii (punk rock, RO)

RAIZING HELL launches its debut album 'Of Ghouls And Men'.


'Voodoo Healers is a Punk Rock-High Energy Rock 'n' Roll band from Thessaloniki. They begun in 2000 but it wasn't until 2003 that they have started as a real band. 
With influences from bands like The Stooges,MC5,The Ramones, The Clash, Dead Boys.... etc they are probably the only Greek band that has a similar music attitude to those referred.

They have already released two albums (Living in Dogville (2006) and Dawn of a Day (2011)) and they have also participated in a tribute collection for the mighty Sky "Sunlight" Saxon covering his song “Out Of The Question”.

Voodoo Healers can also be considered as a travelling band with two major tours every year, across Greece and across the rest of the Europe! They have supported some great bands of the Rock 'n' Roll scene and they are "alive 'n' kickin'" more than anytime, with new material and soon a fresh release to follow.
The band is ready to hit the road again and present their music to the world!'


Raizing Hell is a horror-punk/rock'n'roll band that emerged from the crypt in the autumn of 2010, founded by Liv Decay (Liv & the Wicked Charms, ex-Howling Saints), together with drummer Oly "Sinnister" Sinn. They were soon joined by Mr. Zombie (ex-Howling Saints) on guitar and by Demented Vlash on bass guitar, and since then everything fell into place.

Considered the first horror-punk band in Romania, their main influences derive from bands such as Motorhead, The Plasmatics, WOW, Misfits, Nekromantix, Blitzkid, Demented Are Go, Horrorpops, Meteors and many others, from horror movies and novels, and basically from everything grim, spooky and horror.

“One thing about us, we're always ready to wreck on all the stages we can find, anytime, anywhere, anyplace, so if we haven't been yet in your part of the world, that's bound to happen sooner or later!”


Trupa Anomalii was founded in Bucharest in 2010, the name being inspired by the novel with the same name of Joey Goebel from the punk rock band The Mullets.
Main influences come from Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Ramones, Sex Pistols.