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Festival Rahova Delivery

Friday, October 18th, 2013 – 00:00 – street festival


Street Delivery
Sabinelor St., Rahova district, Bucharest


Rahova Delivery street festival

October 18th – October 20th 2013

Rahova is a district in Bucharest, often and unjustly associated with bad clichés. True, it is mostly made of ugly buildings and the population is poor, houses were demolished by the communist regime and people were squeezed into concrete blocks of flats, not far from ghettos, which leaded to cultural loss, alienation syndromes and isolation.

One of the most intense and vulnerable communities of Bucharest, made mostly of Roma people, will be the host of the first edition of RAHOVA DELIVERY street festival, the Sabinelor St. aiming to become a cultural platform and civic network. The event, organized by laBOMBAstudios association and Street Delivery, supported financially by the National Cultural Fund Administration, brings in the middle of the street  a special “Bairam” (ethnic party), with music, dance, food, Roma traditions, arts and crafts, but also creative workshops.

Following the model proposed by the previous events (Street Delivery and Train Delivery), artists and creative associations are involved in Rahova Delivery project.

For you, as a tourist, this is a precious opportunity to discover an alternative Bucharest, with its best – artists, vibrant people, traditions and joy.


MUZZIK @ Rahova Delivery – The Music Scene

Friday, October 18th

17:00-18:00 Bogdan Scoromide

18:00-19:00 Pantazică & Bogdan

19:00-20:00 Dragoș Rusu

20:30-23:00 Ion (Future Nuggets)/Matze/Miss Kittin de RAHOVA

Saturday, October 19th

17:00-18:00 That Couch Funk Collective & Bica

18:00-19:00 Casetofoane (Local Records)

19:00-20:00 Sillyconductor/Rekabu

20:30-21:30 Fanfara Extraterestră

21:30-23:00 Steaua de mare

Sunday, October 20th

12:30-13:30 Godzuki Mysterious Monster

13:30-14:30 Kapnobatai

14:30-15:30 Deeproots

18:00-19:00 Django Sound Quartet

19:15-20:15 Luiza Zan

20:30-21:30 Omu Gnom & Măcel Mai Chill live band