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Art Show The IONESCU Royal House

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 – 19:00




The IONESCU Royal House at Aiurart: A National Address (Casa Regală IONESCU)

October 16th to November 19th, 2013 @Aiurart Contemporary Art Space (Bucharest, 21 Lirei)
Artists: Regele and Regina IONESCU (King and Queen IONESCU)
Curator: Erwin Kessler
Exhibition design: Justin Baroncea
Opening: Wednesday, October 16th, 7pm

The King and Queen IONESCU are one of the most significant artistic couples gracing the young Romanian art scene. Having exhibited in museums and art galleries from San Francisco to Strasbourg and from Saint-Etienne to Dusseldorf, these two video artists have managed to impose their vision on contemporary society not just as a couple, but also as individuals each having their own distinct visions within this ‘royal’ couple. 
King Ionescu’s films impact its audiences with their straight-forward, energetic, realistic and rough street intervention.
Queen Ionescu’s films, on the other hand, impact mainly the family home and its very hearth with a tender touch that is not only accurate but it is also oozing with a special and intimate responsibility.
The King and Queen Ionescu are Bucharest’s new Video Art School foremost ambassadors. Following the first decade of the noughties, this School has practically reinvented the artistic video medium, giving up on the fetishisation of the progressive, technological, scientistic and sociologically-aloof aims that had been superimposed on the video art during the nineties, in order to get the video camera closer to a world, both external as well as internal, which could only be accessed through a personal identification and committal key that served to diminish one’s own personal and social alienation while, at the same time, regaining trust in humanity and technology even.
Dealing with neighbourhood issues yet, inspiring the type of poetics where the act of critique is being replaced by the act of discovering (inventing) a type of transcendence which goes against the grain, the films made by these two characters, though clearly distinguishable as means of insertion, bring, in equal measure, an unexpected homage to the pure and unadulterated existence, which is almost ecstatic, in an otherwise intractable and frequently corrosive environment, such as the Romanian one is.

Translated and adapted into English by Bogdan Lepadatu PhD.