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Concert Please The Trees @ Bucharest

Monday, September 30th, 2013 – 21:00 – SOUNDCZECH #2 @ Control Club


Control Club



Please The Trees live performance @ Control Club


Free entrance.


Please The Trees is an alternative Czech band famous for its habit of planting a tree in every city where they have performances. The musical chemistry born between Václav Havelka, Míra Syrný, and Jan Svačina has started 6 years ago; eversince, they have been progressing on their inspirational path which has recently reached a peak with their latest album, A Forest Affair. The members come from different regions of the Czech Republic and have just as different musical backgrounds. Please The Trees is rich in contrasts; their own artistic statement includes inspiration from Mogwai’s atmospheric sounds, from the expressionist style of Popol Vuh, and from artists such as Ron Elliot, Neil Young and Jack Nitzsche.


SOUNDCZECH #2 Programm