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Art Show Happening MARKS by WOLFF @ Bucharest

Friday, August 30th, 2013 – 22:00 – WOLFF, ‘MARKS’


The Athenaeum


Approximately 2 KM marked pesdestrian route stencil-acrilic-spray| pedestrian marks between the Romanian Athenaum and the Palace Hall

Message by WOLFF:

The Festival’s trajectory is a path, a very alive path once in every two years.

I enjoyed this marathon several editions in a row, between these two halls, somewhat amused but also involved. I was there, living that moment where the masses become this force of shifting and moving.

I feel the need to relive it, I wish I could feel it more often. I want a sign for myself, a map, I want to share it, to scrawl it in chalk, then the rain to cover it, only for me to draw it again and again...in my mind


Friday, august 30, starting at 22, you're welcome to color “George Enescu” International Festival’s -route between the Romanian Athenaeum and the Palace Hall in Bucharest. Come with a plastic bottle at you, colors, colored chalk, colored sprays etc. We bring the paints, brushes, etc.!

 Ad for artists, friends, children, bicyclists, parents, grandparents, Bucharest tourists and fellow music lovers!


Event by EBienale 

'EBienale' is the George Enescu International Festival's Art Biennale, open to young artist and curators worldwide