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Festival "George Enescu" Festival 2013 @ Bucharest

Sunday, September 1th, 2013 – 19:30 – Creative Bucharest


The Athenaeum


International Festival "George Enescu" is the most important international cultural event held in Romania. The festival gives us the chance to introduce our country to the world's most elitist cultural circuit.

The XXI edition of the festival, held between 1st and 28th of September, 2013, is a special one.

The festival offers a unique cultural mix wich values Romanian composer George Enescu and other famous composer like Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi and Benjamin Britten (they are commemorated this year), Arnold Schoenberg, Gustav Mahler, Ludwig van Beethoven etc.

This edition’s program is worthy of this kind of international events, reinforcing Romania's position as the host of one of the most important festivals in the world.

For the XXI edition of the Festival there will be artists and groups who will come for the first time in Romania: Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin (the orchestra will interpret Wagner's tetralogy for the first time at Bucharest, in the last 50 years), Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, National Philharmonic Of Russia, Harmonius Chamber Orchestra – Osaka, Camerata Salzburg, Vortice Dance Company and the famous actor John Malkovich, the narrator of The Infernal Comedy - Confessions of a Serial Killer, interpreted by Wiener Akademie.

Another premiere of this edition is the Bucharest transformation into a magical space, in a capital of creativity. Creative Bucharest is an original project that will be developed during the festival in order to show our cultural heritage and the joy and creative spirit of the Romanians.

The 2013 Festival programme is available here.



What is Creative Bucharest?

The magic of the Enescu Festival is getting beyond the concert halls, and enveloping Bucharest so that between the 1st and the 28th of September, the city becomes “Creative Bucharest”, a magical space of creativity, value, music and plastic arts, open to everyone.

Creative Bucharest is different from the daily urban space: the key locations in Bucharest will be reinvented through urban art and visual elements and will come to life with the participation of people who love arts, either from Romania or abroad, in public or digital spaces.

Creative Bucharest is more than our usual Bucharest: is a space that inspires people to enter a community that shares their values and to experience the artistic creation.

Creative Bucharest is a public statement of those who are saturated with gray nuances and aggressive tones in the public space and those who take responsibility towards generating a change in society through the creative act.

How is “Creative Bucharest” going to look?

Creative Bucharest is going to carry the mark and the spirit of Enescu, reinterpretation through visual identity, through creation in plastic forms and through promotion of the values the Maestro believed in. “One does not become old because one lived a number of years, but because one deserted one’s ideal. The years wrinkle the skin but abandoning the ideal wrinkles the soul”, said George Enescu.

  •  The green spaces surrounding the main concert halls - the Romanian Athenaeum and the Palace Hall - are going to be enhanced so that you may take a walk in the “Festival’s Garden”. We are going to exhibit artwork of young artists, selected during the Enescu Biennale.
  •  Between the two spaces of the “Festival’s Garden”, music aficionados may stop at the “Festival’s Place”, where concert and musical events are going to be hosted.
  •  Those getting even further may discover “The Festival’s City”:

Very popular public locations in the center of Bucharest (Central University Library Carol I, Colțea Square, Old City Center, Magheru Bd.) will be decorated with urban art objects created by different actors from the public space (companies, partners of the Festival or NGOs), with festival inspired themes and having as a starting point the values that contribute to a public space that inspires people to open up and form a community.

These are those values that make a community work and develop: good, freedom, responsibility, solidarity, beauty, respect, engagement, participation, creativity, openness, courage, tenacity, cooperation, honesty, correctness, communication, initiative, generosity, compassion, elegance, communion.

We want to be a constant presence in the Old City Center: with the help of our partners, we will organize concerts’ transmissions on screens placed there and we will transmit information through the publication named after the Festival.

We hope you shall discover surprises inspired by the magic of the Festival in different restaurants and public service spaces, that will also bring new flavors to Bucharest.

  •  Not lastly, we thought to share this Creative Bucharest with all who love Enescu Festival, who believe Bucharest can be different and want to get involved in this makeover of the city, feeling good. We know the magic is stronger when we are all participating.
  •  The Festival’s Transmissions – because we want to get out the concert halls and to encourage the cultural life of Bucharest, for the first time, the Festival will transmit live a series of concerts in the cinema halls of Digiplex Grand Cinema and the French Institute in Bucharest.

Do you think there are a lot of interesting locations but you need more information? 

You can check the festival Facebook page, and you will be up to date with everything going around in Creative Bucharest, so that you won’t miss a thing!


Source: http://www.festivalenescu.ro/en/