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Art Show Calup in the loop

Thursday, June 20th, 2013 – 19:00 – Screening and concert


Private house, 25 Masaryk St., Bucharest


CALUP is a project for urban regeneration through arts and culture. CaLup, developed by Casa Lupu, organizes alternative pop-up cultural events, aiming to shed light on the cultural and economic potential of the estates that host the project and providing viable economic solutions for their urban rehabilitation.

The house in 25 Masaryk St., a historical monument, former headquarters of Romania Film is now open again for public. 

✖ Einuiea - starting 21h00 ✖

Călin Torsan (traditional flute, vocals) 
Silviu Fologea (guitars) 
Juan Carlos Negretti (darbuka, percussion)

✖ shadows archive - screening✖ 

Thomas Alma Edison 
Georges Méliès 
Lumière Brothers
Segundo de Chomón & Ferdinand Zecca (Pathé)

free entrance