A dance in 2044 / Sonja Pregrad (HR) & Willy Prager (BG) – Dance Show – Events in Bucharest


Dance Show A dance in 2044 / Sonja Pregrad (HR) & Willy Prager (BG)

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 – 19:00 – Dance show




A dance in 2044 / Sonja Pregrad (HR) & Willy Prager (BG)
Informal presentation followed by a feedback session with the public

Tuesday, June 18th, 19h 
WASP- Working Art Space and Production
free entrance

We have started our work on the project „A dance in 2044” in Bucharest. In the project, we are asking ourselves: how will dance as performing art look in 2044, and how will we be dancing it?
We have been working over the past weeks and will work with concepts of science fiction, parasitizing and pathos, fiction-faction, individual histories as paradigms, contemporaneity as historicity, new cyber- geo-political and aesthetic systems and old aging bodies. 

To create content of the work, rather than attempting to make an overarching research or theory of geographic, political and aesthetical changes within dance, we are picking one older and one younger artist from each context where we work and asking them: how and why they created dance in the years 1984 and 2013 and how they imagine the dance in 2044 to be? In Bucharest we have interviewed Raluca Ianegic and Eduard Gabia. 

In the presentation we will share some of our methods and performative and textual material, followed by an open conversation.

Sonja Pregrad is an author and performer. She has finished an MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship at Universitaet der Kunste Berlin and has also diploma from ArtEZ, ex - European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem, the Netherlands. 

Her works include, „Transformability” with Willy Prager and Tian Roteweel, „Already made theatre” with Nina Kurtela and Igor Koruga, „Dishevelled” with Johanna Chemnitz and solos „Carnival tent rusts in the evening breeze”, „Oh my body, if only you were here with me”, etc. 

She has worked with Isabelle Schad, Frederic Gies, Willi Dorner, Monica Gomis, Katie Duck (Magpie Cie), Keren Levi, Bad Company, Marjana Krajac, Aleksandra Janeva. Since 2009 she is working with a visual artist Sanja Ivekovic, performing her work „Practice makes a Master” at MoMA/New York, AdK/Berlin, BAK/Utrecht, PSI International/Zagreb and ZKM Karlsruhe. 

Willy Prager independent artist, graduate of Theatre-studio „4XC“-Sofia. He has completed „Synthetic Stage Arts“ at the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria 1999. In 2013 Willy Prager finished the MA SODA program in UdK- HZT Berlin.

He has worked with directors and choreographers such as Galina Borissova , Nikolai Georgiev , David Zambrano ,Ivo Dimchev , deufert&plischke, Xavier le Roy ,Thomas Lehmen ,Dalija Acin ,Matej Kejzar ,Maren Strack. He created „Prager Strasse'', „Game -a-porter'', „Transformability”, „Egyptina spring'', „The victory day '' etc.

Grant-holder for dance Web Austria 2001 and Theater Treffen Berlin 2000, Willy is also a co-founder of Brain Store Project-Sofia.With the collective he created as author and co author: „Watch your back'', „Cliche'' , „Dona Clara'' , „Migratory restlessness'', „359 Topology”, „Hygiene Museum'', „The Victory Day'' . Prager is a co-founder of the Nomad Dance Accademy and the Antistatic festival –Sofia.

The informal Presentation „A dance in 2043", supported by artists Sonja Pregrada (HR) & Willy Prager (BG) is part of the European project Jardin d'Europe, a project dedicated to the creation of a European infrastructure who support the professionalization of dancers, choreographers, administrators and critics emerging dance.

The residency is offered by 4Culture Association and WASP - Working Art Space and Production in the frame of Jardin d’Europe Wild Cards. The project „A dance in 2044” is supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union, the Croatian Ministry of Culture, Zagreb City Council for Culture, HIPP, Sophienzaele –Berlin and Zagreb Dance Center (co-producer of the work).

Organizer: 4Culture Association
Partners: WASP - Working Art Space and Production 
In the frame of Jardin d’Europe, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union
A cultural project funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund