INSTALART/OBIECT/001 - presenting the objects – Art Show – Events in Bucharest


Art Show INSTALART/OBIECT/001 - presenting the objects

Thursday, June 13th, 2013 – 19:30


Fratelli Social Club, Moir Concept Store


Instalart, a cultural association with the goal of promoting and support three-dimensional arts (sculpture, object and land art) invites you to the opening of the show Instalart/ Obiect/ 001- Inspired by Peroni, presenting the result of the work that started in March with the object designs proposed by seven of the great Romanain object designers, 

Ion Setran

Marcel Klamer

Nicolas Ciuchindel

Sebastian Barlica

Mihai Popescu

Stefan Barutcieff

Vladimir Setran, founder of design section of UNARTE (Romanian University of ARTS)

Instalart/ Obiect/ 001- Inspired by Peroni shows (on 13 and 14.06) give you the opportunity to meet the designers and their design projects, turned into objects by Instalart with the help of its sponsors and partners.

The inspiration theme of the projects is Italy from the 60s.

Presentation of the objects

Fratelli Social Club, 13.06, 19:30

1-3 Glodeni St., Bucharest


Moir Concept Store, 14.06, 19:00

12 Stanislav Cihoschi St., Bucharest