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Art Show Cătălin Burcea – art show “Breaking News. IconoPlasma”

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 – 18:00




What is at stake in the installation “I am listening to what I am saying” is the process of rewriting in slow-motion the most intense moments of the news flux. After being broadcast, the words and the images of the news programs become empty, losing their sense, dematerializing themselves, turning into a useless waste. The images and sounds are manipulated making the characters appear as in a state of prostration, acting into a sort of a pasty, almost palpable sonic wall. Once protracted, the sound becomes simultaneous and extradiegetic, although still remaining part of the “narration”. News anchors turn (again) into human (non)automata gaining at the same time a spectral, hieratic appearance; all of them with a hypnotic, tormented, voodoo-like air. The original combativeness of a speaker is transfigured in a quasi-mystical, almost contemplative state of calm…


Co-founder of the pop-up gallery Alert Studio, Cătălin Burcea is a Romanian visual artist, born in 1966.In his artist statement he defines his area of interest and favourite media as photography, video, digital and concept writing.

Basically, I choose the most appropriate media for every project, so the message can have a maximum reach and impact.
Mainly I am interested in the dynamics, sometimes undetectable, of the systems and the specific methods of manipulation, of any kind, but focusing on the one emerging from the political scene. I follow closely how permissive and engaged is the “target audience” facing these tactics. On the other hand, the cycle entitled “Serotonin” builds itself as a platform the follows the importance of intimate chemistry of one regarding his behavior in relation with “the others” and how that chemistry determines the reflexive or impulsive reaction that a person experiments when faced with a decision.
The main sources of inspiration: Advertising “Zone”, Television, Urban culture, Internet World.

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