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Art Show Dragoş Burlacu – Transit

Thursday, May 16th, 2013 – 19:00 – Art show - painting




Dragoş Burlacu – Tranzit / Transit
16th of May – 3rd of June, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space
Curator: Cosmin Năsui 
Opening:Thursday, 16th of May, at 19.00h

Dragos Burlacu’s latest series of paintings, titled “Transit” (“to pass across or through”, Oxford Dictionaries) is a marked milestone in his dynamic, ongoing voyage. Seeking the means by which to further the aesthetics of painting, Dragos Burlacu reveals pictorial spaces as if they were transited by a host of tendencies that are equally seeking successive redefinitions of painting within the contemporary art history context. Despite the fact that his painting focuses on the new realist figuration, it is equally lacking the realism it seeks to achieve, painting by cloaking reality in a garb of absence while leaving pictorial spaces undefined and thus leading the way towards magical realism. In “Transit”, Dragos Burlacu uses the freshly painted surfaces’ technique, aka a la prima, interspersed with areas painted in a hyper-realist manner. The sheer ingenuity of a well-nigh imperceptible rough sketch is intersected by the obsessive over-emphasis of only a few body details. The descriptive and the narrative are literally overawed by the orgasmic vibrations of colour escaping the pigeonholing of drawing.