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Concert Kotodama - sonic journeys

Friday, May 10th, 2013 – 20:00 – Meditation concert


Anahata Center

How much

30 LEI


What is sound?
Sound is vibration and vibrations are everywhere. 
The sound is an energy that can go through the deepest structures of our body : we are made of sound. Our molecules, our bones structure and our body fluids react to the sound and this is a scientific fact. Since ancient times, sound has been used as a tool to align the mind, the body and the soul with the rhythms of the universe. 

The instruments used in a Kotodama session have a long history of healing,bringing the power and knowledge of our ancestors to help us in our evolutionary process.
Kotodama invites the participant to an inner experience, a journey within one´s mind and body. The sound can be used as a vessel to navigate inside your ocean of emotions, thoughts or memories. 

Kotodama may have similarities with the shamanic experiences but you should know that this is not a shamanic trip.The performers are not shamans or healers or mystical knights.They are just two simple people who generate an atmospheric experience with the use of the instruments. 
The participant may be his own healer or his own shaman but 
Kotodama is just a door that you open. It is your decision if you want to explore your inner world and how far you want to travel.