Senseability: A Sound Journey // Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest – Concert – Events in Bucharest


Concert Senseability: A Sound Journey // Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest

Sunday, October 30th, 2016 – 13:00


The Athenaeum


Continuing the events that focused on architecture, art, game and play, “A Sound Journey” is the first event from the series Senseability that brings music into the spotlight, inviting visitors to experiment the relation with sound when the visual sense that dominates them all is missing. 

Along with the invention of the press, the visual sense became for the first time the main element to relate with the surrounding environment. Moving from an oral culture to a visual one, the hegemony of sight was empowered along with the arrival of Modernism when the intellect and the image were the main players, leaving behind the other senses and their importance in decoding and relating to the world, as far as the individual is concerned. 

The importance of the interaction and simultaneity of senses in the relation between individual - world (in a constant process of mutual re/defining) is often brought into discussion: ‘’My perception is [therefore] not a sum of visual, tactile and audible givens: I perceive in a total way with my whole being: I grasp a unique structure of the thing, a unique way of being, which speak to all my senses at once’’. - Maurice Merleau-Ponty.

The event is built around a sound journey designed by Andrei Nechifor and it outlines the main architectural features of the spaces awaiting to be explored, stimulating the imagination as you perceive the surrounding elements.

The concert will feature Cristina Garbea - piano, Ana Bibescu and Mircea Oanes - guitar, Amalia Lazariuc - canto (accompanied by Cristina Garbea), Nicolae Dobrovicescu - violin (accompanied by Catalin Raducanu), the artists will facilitate the immersion into the world of musical instruments.

Sensability is a project developed by AMAis NGO as a platform for social integration and interaction between people with visual disabilities and valid individuals. 

The tour is free of charge but it requires booking in advance.
Please call to book: 0727 573 487, 0725 118 091, 0723 623 336.