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Art Show Instalart/ Obiect/ 004. Inspired by UniCredit Bank

Thursday, May 26th – 00:00


2-4 Ion Campineanu Street, Bucharest


Instalart presents Instalart/ Obiect/ 004. Inspired by UniCredit Bank on Thursday, May 26, during the Romanian Design Week. The event will take place inside the building located on 2-4 Ion Câmpineanu St. The fourth Instalart edition has gathered six design projects for the urban environment proposed for PIDU CENTRAL BUCUREȘTI, a project approved by the City Hall.

Last year the object made the context. This year the context makes the object. In 2016 InstalArt presents the architect Mario Kuibus, who does not appreciate the sound of “Bucharest – Little Paris” label. In 2007, he initiated the TUB project that comes up with an identity for Bucharest and with a strategy for the future. TUB is the spine of PIDU CENTRAL BUCURESTI, a project acknowledged, approved and passed by the City Hall .Therefore, Kuibus’s dream of reconsidering the “Bucharest – Little Paris” label comes true.


Simultaneously, Instalart has invited six great Romanian designers to interact with Mario Kuibuș’sTUB. They are Dorin Ștefan, Corvin Cristian, Robert Marin, Mihai Popescu, Ștefan Barutcieff and Mădălin Gheorghe. Each of them created an object, an installation or a concept that might have Mario Kuibuș’s project as starting point, powered by Instalart partners as follows:


Dorin Ștefan- “Omagiul ui Andrei Cadere” powered by Plaza România

Corvin Cristian- “Restitutie” powered by București Mall

Robert Marin- “Bucur” powered by Stella Artois

Mihai Popescu- “Portobello Stradale” powered by Brikston

Ștefan Barutcieff- “Museum Line” powered by Kerrock

Mădălin Gheorghe- “The Ex Formation Panel“ powered by Biutiful

PIDU, Mario Kuibuș’s project, is powered by Collective.


Each of them comes up with an object, an installation, or a concept that might complete this courageous project. Instalart will produce the objects together with its partners and will exhibit them during the Romanian Design Week, when the Romanian artists will take over Bucharest, within Instalart/ Obiect/ 004. Inspired by UniCredit.


Instalart/ Obiect/ 004. Inspired by UniCredit Bank will take place inside the building located on 2-4 Ion Campineanu Street (reference point: Collective Store), between May 26- June 6. Instalart will open the event with Soundopamine, Abasc and John Riley on Thursday, May 26 and will close it with Nopame and Corvin on Saturday, June 4.


The Integrate Plan of Urban Development (PIDU) focuses on the achievement of a Bucharest Centre which could stand out nationally and internationally. There have been defined the most important public spaces and the most interesting tourist areas of the city centre, included in a two-hour walking or a half-an-hour biking trip, starting from the urban room concept, which aims for community public places meant for well-defined activities, integrated in the whole city system.


UniCredit Bank is the main sponsor of the project. UniCredit Bank acknowledged itself in the long run by supporting the creative industry, by getting involved in countless design, architecture and art projects. UniCredit Bank is part of UniCredit, the European financial group with the widest network from Central and Eastern Europe and one of the main banks in Europe. UniCredit Bank is a "one-stop-shop" of financial services, having over 600,000 customers. The group is present in Romania through: UniCredit Bank, UniCredit Consumer Financing, UniCredit Leasing Corporation, UniCredit Insurance Broker, UniCredit Leasing Fleet Management, UCTAM, Pioneer Asset Management and UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions.


Collective, Brikston, București Mall, Plaza România, Stella Artois, Kerrock and Biutiful are the six sponsors who decided to identify themselves with the six architects. The list of partners also includes Design cel Mare, Campari, San Pelegrino, Theta, Barrisol, FM Signs, Gripple, Kaustik, Simplu. Maker Shop, Vertigo Metal Design, Inox Style, Sanoland, Benjamin Moore and M&Mand Cyclic.

The media partners are: Modernism, Zeppelin, Igloo, Designist, Arhitectura, Arhiforum, Arhitext, Art Clue, Art Out, Veioza Arte, Design and loving it, Make a Point, Bucharest Tips, ELLE, Glamour, VIVA, ELLE Decoration, Molecule F, Bucharest Design Center,

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