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Art Show SAPTE (SEVEN) – personal art show Mihai Ungureanu (sculpture)

Wednesday, March 30th – 19:00


Atelier 030202


SAPTE (SEVEN) – personal art show Mihai Ungureanu (sculpture)

Opening: 30th of March 2016

Curator: Simona Vilău

Coordinator Atelier 030202: Mihai Zgondoiu


A personal show doesn’t always need a title, especially when forms, stories of works and their position in space are explicit and does not look for a common umbrella to put them together in a context.

The sculptor Mihai Ungureanu is devoted to precise finishes, to formal rigor and to some correctness of the workshop labour, in a classical, nearly romanced style, but those traits are not protecting him from the “virus” of the contemporary society, of social networks or of the digital image processing medium.  

Their influence in the works is obvious, both regarding old-new materials mix, handmade or ready-made, as well as regarding the way he solves some self-imposed classical themes. The objects are vivacious, solid; the harmonious and generous forms are describing beings full of character, who don’t miss humour or the framework in which they are revealing a precise disposition or a defining feature.

The Mime, the Thinker, the Twins, the Helper, the Shy-Guy or the Sleepy-Guy are anonymous characters captured in the middle of an action, making reference to antic, mysterious themes met in sculture.

The central artwork, an ambiguous female character – Venus from Milo or Snow White – completes in a mysterious way the septet.


Mihai Ungureanu (b. 1976) has studied Sculpture at the University of Arts in Bucharest.

SAPTE (SEVEN) is his fourth personal show, following his debut in 2007 at the Atelier 35 gallery in Bucharest.