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Art Show Liviu Stoicoviciu - IMAGINED CITIES

Thursday, November 26th, 2015 – 19:00


MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art


Curator: Călin Dan
MNAC Coordinator: Sandra Demetrescu
Architect: Attila Kim
With the support of: JECZA Gallery, Diehl Berlin Gallery
2nd Floor
26.11.2015 – 20.03.2016

Liviu Stoicoviciu has been visualizing the generative processes derived from the abstract virtues of the Golden Ratio for almost half a century. This obsessive activity of his has resulted in countless drawings and sketches of refined subtlety, in graphs envisioning chaotic fractals, in large format paintings trying to bring order to this chaos, and in a number of sculptures which point at the spatial virtues of those processes. The artist is a visionary who designs his shapes at urban scale, and a utopian who imagines his drawings transformed into objects with practical functions. MNAC is proud to offer Liviu Stoicoviciu the first major solo show of his career.

© Image Credit: Liviu Stoicoviciu, Octahedron, 1978, oil on canvas, 89x89cm, Ovidiu Șandor Collection, courtesy Jecza Gallery