Romanian Design Week 2015 – Festival – Events in Bucharest


Festival Romanian Design Week 2015

Today – 10:00 – design festival in Bucharest


Hanul Gabroveni


Romanian Design Week is an annual event, launched in order to promote design as a driving force for cultural, social and economical growth and with an aim to support the local creative industries.

The third edition of Romanian Design Week, the biggest celebration of Romanian design, will take place in Bucharest between 15th and 24th of May at Gabroveni Inn.

With the Dutch Embassy’s support, the Kingdom of the Netherlands is the guest country in this year’s edition of Romanian Design Week. During the festival, it will be represented through exhibitions and workshops at the central exhibition, held by various Dutch designers. There will also be a circuit of Dutch companies from Romania.

Furthermore, the Romanian Design Week program will include other European countries like Austria, Czech Republic and Sweden.

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