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Art Show ARC: Serial sights

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 – 19:30 – Graphic design workshop


Club Electroputere


Serial sights /Vitamin Complex 4
ARC Berlin/Leipzig

Serial Sights
Workshop of Graphic Design

April 9, 7.30 pm: Presentation of the three designers - Joachim Bartsch, Timo Grimberg, Toni Schönbuchner (ARC Berlin/Leipzig)
April, 10-12: intensive working programe with the participants
April 13, 7 pm: Opening


Dear Friends,

Club Electroputere Bucuresti organises a new edition of the workshop for graphic design presented by Joachim Bartsch, Timo Grimberg and Toni Schönbuchner (ARC Berlin/Leipzig), within the "Vitamin Complex" programme, between 09 -13 of April 2013.

If you look at visual disciplines such as graphic design, architecture, painting and sculpture, you can consistently recognise serial approaches in their history. In this case "serial" means attaining a greater whole through the sequence, repetition and variation of identical or similar pieces.

Together, we intend to follow the serial method in our workshop.

The materials should be simple, prefabricated and multiply available. Urban space offers a valid location for this purpose. The provided materials may be abstract and extracted from their actual context by over coating, cutting or enlarging them. The technique of montage is meant to transform the elements into a new context.

The result of the workshop should be a series of posters and a small accompanying booklet created by the participants. Three-dimensional objects are not ruled out either.

The results will flow into a jointly developed exhibition, the opening of which will be the end of the workshop.

The "Serial Sights" workshop is supported by Goethe Institute.

Partner: illy

CEP Bucharest partner: Uniunea Artistilor Plastici