SUN GLITTERS live! – Concert – Events in Bucharest


Concert SUN GLITTERS live!

Friday, October 17th, 2014 – 22:00


Control Club


On October 17 do not miss an ocean of lush melodies in Bucharest @ Control


Be there at 22:00


Sun Glitters is the glitchy, summer obsessed, sun-drenched electronic project of Luxembourg musician Victor Ferreira.

Debuting in 2011 with the acclaimed full-length, Everything Could Be Fine and a seemingly endless string of EPs, self-released tracks and remixes, Sun Glitters has quickly left a mark on the electronic music scene.

Everything from the band name to the washed out pastels of the artwork to the engulfing visuals that supplement a Sun Glitters live performance screams nostalgia. Sun Glitters combines an ocean of lush melodies, pitch-shifted vocal samples, digi-diva choirs, warm bass pulses, and ambient soundscapes into a blisteringly beautiful sound. Source: Mush Records