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Theatre „CRIME” - BÉZNĂ Theatre London

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 – 20:00



How much

30 LEI


BÉZNĂ Theatre London @ UNTEATRU, Bucharest; July 29 – August 3; 20:00



Director and Writer – Nico Vaccari

Producer – Sînziana Koenig

Costumes– Robin Soutar

Design – Alex Hopkins


Milton Friedman/Single mother – Oliver Longstaff Milton

The Child/Old mother – Angel Lopez-Silva

The Consumer/the loan shark/the Unemployed – Theo St. Claire

The Student – Mathew Wernham

As we enter the auditorium there is a sign: TONIGHT A CRIME WILL BE COMMITTED.

An American man then tells us about The Capitalist System and How It Works for Everyone and how the minimum wage is an illusion and serves no purpose and does no good. source: "Political theatre at it's best" by Philip Herbert

BÉZNĂ Theatre is a London-based international theatre company dedicated to social change.