PASSAGE – Art Show – Events in Bucharest



Friday, May 23th, 2014 – 10:00


MNAC Annex


PASSAGE art show @ MNAC Annex

Artists: Michele Bressan, Lea Rasovszky, Larisa Sitar

Curator: Diana Marincu

Project manager: Alina Bucur

Opening: White Night of the Art Galleries, Friday, May 23, 2014, 19h00

MNAC Anexa, 62-68 Calea Mosilor, the 3rd floor, Bucharest

May 23 – July 12, 2014

Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 10.00 – 18.00

Free entrance

Passage is the second instalment of the collaboration between Michele Bressan, Lea Rasovszky and Larisa Sitar after Voiaj [Journey] in 2011 (MNAC Anexa, 2nd floor).

Starting from Edward W. Soja's “third space” theory, this exhibition reflects on the artistic and conceptual strategies that create a new mental space, a necessary passage in setting up personal identities and understanding the other. Located between two polarized worlds – thinking paradigms, emotions or the blurry boundary between dream and awakening – the passage offers to the subjects the possibility of renegotiating their positions, thus overcoming the dialectics of science versus mysticism.

Following a classical narrative structure consisting of chronologically laid-out episodes, this second meeting between the three artists naturally continues the journey they have begun together. In this point of transition between two worlds, a new map configures the route, rife with questions and uncertainty, suspended outside the past and the future, trying to extract from the “spatial excess” the elements which are usually repressed.

Drawing appears in Larisa Sitar's works as a ghost of perceived or simply inherited images which finely imprinted on her personal imagination as if claiming their right to visibility. A statue covered in moss is a visual metaphor of forgetting and human memory as well as of the capacity of nature to colonize spaces deserted by man.

The folk stories told in Maramures villages recounting supernatural occurrences make up a sound installation, a collaborative work between Larisa Sitar and Lea Rasovszky, and can become believable for those open to relaxing their rational criteria for understanding the world.

Installation is for all three artists a way of provoking new situations through which the viewers often become players themselves, choosing their own path in the space.

Lea Rasovszky creates installations using objects and text that complement each other, light and darkness acting as metaphors for the discrepancy between desires and actual outcomes.

Michele Bressan explores the routine repetition and mechanical character of a gesture by emphasizing the error that confers a personal touch to human actions (for instance the work starting from a text by Emil Cioran: “Boredom is the sickeningly obvious feeling which announces the time ahead of you, the time which you must live through and for which you have no use”). The ready-made work entitled “Fine” quotes the ending of a film narrative from which one can partly reconstruct certain imaginary scenes starting with the actual surrounding cues or the ghosts of one's own obsessions for the end.

As a commentary on the visual or mental obstacles which we face every day, the exhibited works discretely populate the context of the space, evoking a familiar imaginary which evoke a familiar feeling of everyday existence, as well as the nostalgia of a utopian space.

Exhibition produced by NAG#8