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Art Show MIHAI ZGONDOIU - The Artist's Golden Hand

Friday, April 5th, 2013 – 19:00 – Art show




Curator: Olivia Nițiș

In the movie The Baby of Macon, Peter Greenaway captures a sick, sterile society ready to deify the beautiful child, dead and sanctified, from his wild undressing of clothes and ornaments up to his dismemberment in the irrational passion for a holy piece. Beyond the corrupted individuals’ reaction to the many manipulating facets of the body fragment, beyond social hysteria, Mihai Zgondoiu seeks, above all, a reference to himself through amusement and ironic detachment. The Artist's Golden Hand is not only a scan of a facet of contemporary reality, but also a healthy approach of self irony in a world where the value balance strongly influenced by political, economic, psychological... factors it's hard to keep.
Olivia Niţiş, curator

"The Artists’s Golden Hand / Mâna de aur a artistului" is a direct irony on the artist’s social status and, in particular, on the way in which this status is conditioned by the abilities of its forearms. Craftsmanship, viewed as a primary requirement enabling artistic creation is what actually transforms the visual artwork, as told by King Midas’ legend, into a precious and noble metal – gold. 
The project’s paradox lies with the optical and mental substitution of the work of art for the artist’s forearm overemphasizing the egotistical discourse in a light-hearted, self-parody manner. Thus, we are able to see for ourselves the artist’s very own identity ideally owned up to via a brilliant bit of self-irony. Mihai Zgondoiu – an ideal artist facing up to artistic practices as well as its more traditional craftsmanship.” 
Mihai Zgondoiu