ROMANYEAH! by Cinty Ionescu – Art Show – Events in Bucharest


Art Show ROMANYEAH! by Cinty Ionescu

Thursday, April 17th, 2014 – 19:00


Control Club

How much

15 LEI


ROMANYEAH! @ Control Club

A Live Audio-Video Performance imagined by Cinty Ionescu

The theme is Romania, as seen, shot and assembled live by Cinty, as a visual and musical journey through a land of cultural and social paradoxes.

As snapshots from an ongoing present, pointedly collected and collated from an assumed subjective perspective, yet still managing to focus on the very details making the difference, ROMANYEAH! is a road-remix-performance inviting the audience to take a walk on the wild East side with Cinty Ionescu as she weaves an unconventional journey through visions and sounds of contemporary Romania.

ROMANYEAH! has been conceived and premiere in 2012 at The Living Theatre in New York as a Romanian-American artistic collaboration blending a unique live mix of visuals and music.

For each live performance Cinty invites one or several special guests to blend their own vision to the Romanian journey, which makes the performance unique and new every time. For the performance in Control Club, Cinty has the pleasure to journey through ROMANYEAH! alongside musician Cristina Pădurariu, before leaving this June for the Azores Fringe Festival.

For ROMANYEAH! Cinty Ionescu has been working with acclaimed Brooklyn-based producer, mix engineer and DJ Brennan Green (Chinatown) who created an original mix for the set.

 It includes Romanian music samples from classical, folk, traditional and gypsy music, to iconic songs from the ’30 and ‘40s, psychedelic rock of the '70s, and contemporary Romanian electro music, all of them mixed and integrated to the sound of Brennan Green.

Entrance fee: 15 lei