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MNAC Annex
Furnica-Minovici House
Antipa Museum
Club Electroputere

name:  MNAC Annex

address:  62-68 Mosilor Road, Bucharest


description:  Annex of the National Museum of Contemporary Art near Unirii Square, including PLATFORMA SPACE, a project coordinated by Romanian artists.



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18.09, 7.00pm art show opening MMCP/Platforma until 30.09.2012

Marina Albu, Atelier35, Emil Avasilichioaiei, Larisa Crunțeanu&Maria Pitea, Simona Dumitriu/Sabin Gârea/Ștefan Bandalac, Ioana Gheorghiu,, muzeul orb, Adriana Oprea, Arnold Schlachter

Using the pretext of the past tense in Romanian language (MMCP - mai mult ca perfectul -"more than perfect") defining an action closed before another closed action, the exhibition speaks about the possibility of the existence of a secondary or an alternative past - the problem of memory and forgetfulness in Romanian contemporary art.



15.09, 7.00pm art show opening/performance night George Bodocan - Illusion is the first of all pleasures until 29.09.2012

Exhibition Designer : Kristina Peteu

Curator: Alina Bucur

Live sound performance: Abator Industries

"Sometimes seen as the expression of the inherent autism of the contemporary art, the art of Bodo actually expresses the opposite, namely the need to communicate in a different way, the desire to confer to the artistic expression the force of a language.(Angelo Mitchievici)

The show proposes an enlargement of the horizon through the fantasy's impulse and also the exceeding of the physical space limits. The playful approach of the volumes started from the definition of a proper support for the artist to express himself during the experiment, searches that ended in being materialized in the canvas, an excellent visual modulator, achieving both goals.

The opening evening will host the musical collective of ABATOR INDUSTIRES, with an experimental live-act.