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name:  WASP

address:  67-93 Ion Minulescu St., Bucharest


description:  WASP is an alternative private house for contemporary dance, visual art experiments, underground contemporary theatre makers, and the multimedia addicted. A 500 sqm contemporary art space, in a former communist factory.



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15.09-21.10 international contemporary dance & performance festival eXplore dance festival #7

eXplore dance festival reached its 7th edition while an impressive list of artists already explored Bucharest and its audience. The opportunity of being active, taking the same risks as the artist and initiating A-dance of its own is what brings this year's audience to a new position.

Romanian Contemporary Dance & Performance Platform 2012. A still little-known scene with great potential which survived once more with no roof over the head, exploring the wildest ideas about our contemporary society. From urban experiments, in factories or in fiction films, from concrete floors to living rooms… and now back to the studios, at WASP.

5 weeks of exploring contemporary dance and performance in all its forms and newest trends!

DETAILED PROGRAM eXplore dance festival #7

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