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name:  Anca Poterasu Gallery

address:  56 Plantelor St., Bucharest

phone:  +4 021 320 20 62


Anca Poterasu Gallery is a space dedicated to recent and contemporary art, and focuses on supporting and promoting art-related initiatives and the Romanian curators' projects.

The Anca Poterasu Gallery represents both famous and young upcoming artists, and aims to place them in the international art circuit. These include Adriana Jebeleanu, Dan Raul Pintea, Donald Simionoiu, Eeva Kukoonen, Florin Mitroi, Gheorghe Rasovszky, Lea Rasovszky, and Zoltan Bela.



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14.09, 6.00pm art show opening Zoltan Bela - Traces

The works of Zoltan Bela are traces of the external world as such. He collects different objects from everyday life which afterwards become materialized in his works. But that externalization comes only after a period of assimilation.

We leave traces but at the same time we are traces and this is what Zoltan Bela expresses in this project. We see his objects as examples or materialization of his encounter with external factors. His paintings and objects are residues of the external world. (Ioana Stan)

Zoltan Bela (b. 1977, Targu-MureČ™, Romania) He graduated the University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Department of Painting. Lives and works in Bucharest.

Latest Exhibitions: In Meditation: Feeling the Silence (Anca Poterasu Gallery, 2011); A certain time, a certain place, a certain state (Little Yellow Studio, București, 2010 ).