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UNPOLISHED @ MNACSeptember 28, 2012

28.09 - 11.11 art show UNPOLISHED - Young Design from Poland at MNAC

The opening will be preceded by a conference about Polish design, starting 5.00pm, held by the curators of the exhibition, Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka and Paweł Grobelny, well-known design specialists in Poland.

Designers: Aze Design, Beton (Marta Rowińska + Lech Rowiński), DBWT (Daria Burlińska + Wojciech Traczyk), Agnieszka Czop + Joanna Rusin, Fawory (Małgorzata Piotrowska + Monika Niezabitowska), 
Gogo (Maria Makowska + Piotr Stolarski), Kafti Design, Bogdan Kosak, Malafor (Agata Kulik-Pomorska
 + Paweł Pomorski), Mopsdesign (Joanna Chomka-Jaworska + Arkadiusz Jaworski), Bartosz Mucha, Alicja Patanowska, Monika Patuszyńska, Katarzyna Delfina Petkow, Magdalena Trzcionka, Oskar Zięta

Architects: Beton, db2 architekci, Jojko+Nawrocki Architekci, Medusa Group, nsMoon Studio, Plus 48, Stadtpark

The exhibition is organized by the Polish Institute of Bucharest, The Regional Museum of Stalowa Wola and the Romanian National Museum of Contemporary Art.


Art and Landscape #3 @ French InstituteSeptember 28, 2012

27.09 - 07.10 street installation Art and Landscape #3/The Cry of the Landscape at French Institute

The third edition of the event organized by the French Institute of Bucharest will bring sound installations in several places in the city (Northern Railway Station, Verona Square and French Institute).

The launching of the project - The Sound Madeleine - will take place at the French Institute at 7.00pm and will invites us to recognize different sounds of the city and not only, by associating them with mental images.

The sound installations are:

The Small Sound Landscapes Factory - in Verona Square

The Sound Nests - at Northern Railway Station


The green Stitchings Story @ Alert StudioSeptember 28, 2012

27.09 - 8.10 art show opening The green Stitchings Story//drawings//Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu at Alert Studio

ALERT studio connects three areas of artistic exploration - PINK | RED | WHITE - into one space. But these coordinates do not mean indexing, labeling and restriction. They may intersect, combine in new shades, and may always communicate and trigger debates.

The green Stitchings [email protected] PINK CODE

Coordinator: Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu

Interests: Approaches which are creative, subjective, intuitive, experimental, dreamlike, sensous. Personal mythology and ethics of exposure as strategies of contemporary creation.

Guidelines: Coherent visual discourse, based on the interplay between fiction and (auto) biography, reality and fantasy, confession and lie.

Mediums: Drawing, object, installation, text, performance, photography, new media, painting and others as well.

Purpose: Exploring intimate problems that can extend from the micro-personal level to general issues. Recovery of references through introspection and self-analysis as research methods.

Overall: PINK = dream, delirium, allegory, suggestion, ambiguity, memory and the (auto) biography

The green Stitchings Story,

It’s a story with several people and a story teller called MC C. The first event is happening at the terrace of a tavern. The heroes are IG writer and journalist, LP an important movie director, DD a socioligist specialised in problems of free citizen’s circulation, Israel a real hero and them. They are the ones that circulate in BB in the night time. BB is a well-known pine-trees park where horsemens are riding and is situated in N, a rich small town adjacent to beautiful city P.

It all started with a common discussion around the table, in a garden, in a summer, in the city B in another country than the one where the cities N and P and the characters of our story are from.

The character IG : -I work for a movie with LP. I am the fellow script-writer. It’s about a twelve years old child that prostitutes himself in BB from N, the adjacent town to the beautiful city P. He dresses up like a woman.

Myself: -He transvests himself?

IG: - Yes and his name is Israel.

Me: - ?

IG: - Really! Is his real name and LP get the idea for the movie when he heard this name.

Myself: - ?

IG: - This story is taken from a piece of news that appeared in a journal in F and was talking about a boy that ran away from home, a weird kiddo, with bad habits and a strange family.

Me: - Incredible but what do you mean?!

IG: - It sucks ’cause LP can’t find a kid to match with the age and that can speak both languages from both countries. There is no actor.

It was one of the oddest stories that I’ve heard, knowing that reality is far beyond fiction.

Soon after, I’m leaving for the country where BB park is situated, near the town N, close to beautiful P city. I’m thinking about Pan god, half man half buck, the centaur half man half horse and the hermaphrodite half women half man.

I arrive in N city, near beautiful P. I’m going in BB park. The alleys are shady, the trees century old and in the day time the rich bourgeois are toddling out. The apartments are luxurious and they have terraces with palm trees even if the continental climate is temperate and steady. There is also a riding club and kiosks to be rent for weddings. A small zoo with exotic birds and free peacocks has a little lake with water lilies and a small artificial water-fall. The roller coaster that brings tourists from the subway station in the forest ride on narrow iron rails. There is nothing more trifling, more bourgeois and idyllic!

I together with SM and AB (my friends from beautiful P)

Us: - Hello! We are looking for somebody. His name is Israel and has twelve years. He is from R.

A fetishist centaur is wearing a fantastic pelerine, carmine linen and a black corset above which were spilling out huge tits and has an enormous dick in erection like a grotesque cartoon.

That one: - What did you say the boy name was?

We: - Israel. He is from R.

The centaur: - So! Never heard but those from eastern countries are to be found in the northern alleys, that direction (he shows us the way). Here, we are from SA: B, C, P... and continues... showing us a sign with the fingers: „- Four”.

In the northern area we found another centaur, and another faun and another hermaphrodite.

We put the same question to a lady faun. She is from country T. After she told us that she has never heard about Israel, moralisingly comments: - „Twelve years old. Very early!”

Strange centaurus prostitutes morality! In the northern part of the forest, where black fauns hookers are, nobody knows nothing.

Three weeks after I met LP film’s assistant, DD a sociologist. She is a readership at EHESS university from P and her doctoral dissertation topic was the free immigration in the globalisation context. She has her own office and beautiful black hair. I am telling her my story and she confirms the project’s existence and the difficulty to find a boy that matches the character.

After two years I am acquainted with director, LP to whom I relate the facts. He is also confirming the history and is interested with it, saying that he would like to make a film about it, if I write the script. I’ll never do it. Instead I composed another kind of script-this one.


Instalart/Sculpture/001 @ AiurartSeptember 28, 2012

26.09 - 15.10 art show Instalart/Sculpture/001 at Aiurart

instalart/sculpture/ 001 brings along the following artists:

Patricia Teodorescu

Marian Zidaru

Mircea Roman

Cristian Raduta

Sebastian Barlica

Gheorghe Rasovzky

Marius Leonte.

This will be but a prelude to the temporary exhibition scheduled to commence in the spring of 2013, in Bucharest. The exhibition is due to be completed once the artworks will finally be located in the Sculpture Park.

Opening times: 15.00 – 19.00

Special Guest: Bogman


OXIGEN#1 @ subRahovaSeptember 24, 2012

25.09, 8.30pm art show OXIGEN #1 at subRahova

O X I G E N concept will bring together artists from different generations and expression areas in an unconventional venue.

The events ( O # 1, O # 2, O # 3...) will present theatre, music and visual arts representatives.

Each edition will present a debut of an artist and a well-known artists will be invited.

Two Open Studios (of Alexandru Radvan and David Sandor) will be the meeting place, while visuals are projected in the yard and live music performances will take place in the basement.

Invited artist: Dan Perjovschi

Debutant artist: Leontina Rotaru

Recital: Poetrip


CAFE 35 @ Atelier35September 24, 2012

21.09 - 05.10 at Atelier 35



OPEN: MON – FRI, 11 – 19, + special events

For two weeks, the art gallery Atelier35 becomes CAFE 35.

The project is initiated by Daniela Pălimariu, with the help of Alice Gancevici and the team of Atelier35. The furniture was specially created by Atelier Brut, from reused materials.

FRI 21/09 ::: 6 – 9pm ::: CAFE 35 Opening with SOUP

SUN 23/09 ::: 10am – 1pm ::: COMFORT Breakfast

TUES 25/09 ::: 6 – 9pm ::: OPEN Reading

THURS 27/09 ::: 6pm ::: PASTA making class

TUES 02/10 ::: 5 – 8pm ::: Thé DANSANT

FRI 05/10 ::: 7pm - ::: FEAST and Closing down

For some of the events, Dan Basu will be the music selector. Full schedule on:


Société Réaliste/Empire, State, Building @ MNACSeptember 24, 2012

20.09 - 01.11 at MNAC

Société Réaliste/Empire, State, Building


“Société Réaliste is an artists' cooperative founded in 2004 by Ferenc Gróf (1972) and Jean-Baptiste Naudy (1982). Central to their activities is the exploration, subversion and deconstruction of the specific devices of visual communication that have been developed and employed by institutions, governments and rulers, i.e., the representatives of power – in the fields of religion, politics, culture, art and finance – so as to position themselves. By exploring the representative and aesthetic roles of these agencies – including signs, logos, maps, symbols, typefaces, landmarks, emblems, statues or even buildings – in complex contexts of much broader time and space, the artists place them in a new light in the form of a “political cabinet of curiosities”, a critical, narrative implementation of design.

Through its title, empire, state, building primarily evokes the famous New York skyscraper, the “building/temple/work of art” that, ever since its completion in 1931, has been the mythological emblem of the United States, as much as a source of artistic inspiration – from the 1933 movie, King Kong, to Andy Warhol's 1964 silent film, Empire. At the same time, the use of punctuation, i.e., the commas inserted in the title, generates a new perspective of meaning, highlighting the origin and functioning of power symbols, from empire through state to construction. How do buildings, public sculptures and monuments express and perpetuate ideology? How do public spaces visualize the relation between the modern state and culture? Such questions are raised by Société Réaliste in its critical analysis of the connections between architecture and history, buildings and political power.” (Ludwig Museum Budapest)

This exhibition is coproduced by Jeu de Paume, Paris, Ludwig Museum, Budapest and The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest


Hannah Höch – Collages @ Fundatia LowendalSeptember 24, 2012

20.09 - 14.10 at Fundatia Lowendal

Hannah Höch – Collages


Hannah Höch (1889-1978) was more than an active representative of the Berlin Dada art scene of 1920, as her contribution to the development of the artistic photo-montage was essential.

The exhibition presents exclusively the collages realized by the artist during five decades.

For the first time in Romania the works of Hannei Höch will be presented in a personal exhibition, full of poetry, subtle irony and criticizing the society.

The exhibition is organized in partnership with the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen/ifa.


Euro Trophy - Virgil Scripcariu @ Atelier 030202September 21, 2012

19.09 - 16.10 @ at Atelier 030202


Euro Trophy - Virgil Scripcariu

Young Romanian sculptor, Virgil Scripcariu is a visual artist highly interested in the public space.

Virgil Scripcariu is a constructor using as tools the mixed techniques of sculpture and collage.

His visual discourse incorporates the patterns of the socialism-realism to the postmodernism, from the inter-text and cultural quote to the graffiti and the street-art techniques.

(Dan Mircea CIPARIU, art critic)


MMCP @Platforma/MNAC AnnexSeptember 17, 2012

18.09 - 30.09.2012 art show MMCP/Platforma at MNAC Annex

Marina Albu, Atelier35, Emil Avasilichioaiei, Larisa Crunțeanu&Maria Pitea, Simona Dumitriu/Sabin Gârea/Ștefan Bandalac, Ioana Gheorghiu,, muzeul orb, Adriana Oprea, Arnold Schlachter

Using the pretext of the past tense in Romanian language (MMCP - mai mult ca perfectul -"more than perfect") defining an action closed before another closed action, the exhibition speaks about the possibility of the existence of a secondary or an alternative past - the problem of memory and forgetfulness in Romanian contemporary art.


eXplore dance festival #7 @ WASPSeptember 17, 2012


International Contemporary Dance & Performance Festival// eXplore dance festival #7 @ WASP

eXplore dance festival reached its 7th edition while an impressive list of artists already explored Bucharest and its audience. The opportunity of being active, taking the same risks as the artist and initiating A-dance of its own is what brings this year's audience to a new position.

Romanian Contemporary Dance & Performance Platform 2012. A still little-known scene with great potential which survived once more with no roof over the head, exploring the wildest ideas about our contemporary society. From urban experiments, in factories or in fiction films, from concrete floors to living rooms… and now back to the studios, at WASP.

5 weeks of exploring contemporary dance and performance in all its forms and newest trends!

DETAILED PROGRAM eXplore dance festival #7

Festival website:


George Bodocan-Illusion is the [email protected] AnnexSeptember 17, 2012

15 - 29.09.2012

Art show// George Bodocan - Illusion is the first of all pleasures @ MNAC Annex

Exhibition Designer : Kristina Peteu

Curator: Alina Bucur

Live sound performance: Abator Industries

"Sometimes seen as the expression of the inherent autism of the contemporary art, the art of Bodo actually expresses the opposite, namely the need to communicate in a different way, the desire to confer to the artistic expression the force of a language.(Angelo Mitchievici)

The show proposes an enlargement of the horizon through the fantasy's impulse and also the exceeding of the physical space limits. The playful approach of the volumes started from the definition of a proper support for the artist to express himself during the experiment, searches that ended in being materialized in the canvas, an excellent visual modulator, achieving both goals.

The opening evening will host the musical collective of ABATOR INDUSTIRES, with an experimental live-act.


Place for The Photo I @ Club ElectroputereSeptember 15, 2012

14.09 - 13.11.2012

Art show // PLACE FOR THE PHOTO I @ Club Electroputere


Rudolf Bone, Alexandra Croitoru, Cristina David, Mihai Iepure Górski, Ion Grigorescu, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Miklos Onucsan, Gheorghe Rasovszky

Place for the Photo is a photography exhibition that gathers together self-portraits of artists from different generations. The theme is identity and self-representation.

In a society where art is more and more often disregarded, and has become distanced from the priorities of everyday life, the artist – in order to engage with the present – returns to images of his or her own identity. It is then possible to speak of the status of artists, and of their understanding of the surrounding reality.

This project reveals the enormous distance between the ideal condition of the artist as the theoretical representative of the consciousness of society, and his or her actual current status, best understood as the carrier of marginalised concepts, of ideas too often pushed to the periphery.

The exhibition opens in September 2012. It is in several sections, and brings together artists from a variety of cultural environments.

Credit photo: Alexandra Croitoru, Untitled (Prime Minister), 2004


Roman Tolici - Sweet Nightmares @ H'art GallerySeptember 15, 2012


Art show //Roman Tolici - Sweet Nightmares @ H'art Gallery

”My first encounter with the "Sweet nightmares" series took place in Roman's workshop, on a hot summer afternoon. Eleven small works that break away from the realism of the artist's latest phase. My reaction was one of fascination and perplexity, like the aftermath of a captivating nocturnal dream, which excites and scares you at the same time. Soon enough, Roman confessed that the "Sweet Nightmares" series is a mental experiment in which he only painted from recollection, accessing only those memories/dreams and fundamental obsessions that have populated his existence. ” (Dan Popescu, curator)


Born in USSR in 1974, Roman Tolici had since 2002 almost 20 solo exhibitions in galleries and art museums from Romania and abroad and a large number of group exhibitions.


Ana Banică – Mirroring @AiurartSeptember 15, 2012


Art show //Ana Banică – Mirroring @


Curator: Dan Popescu

a H'art Gallery exhibition @ Aiurart

The paintings included in „Oglindiri” show are exposed for the first time in Romania, after being presented in Paris by the Romanian Cultural Institute in the show “d.s.o./o.s.b” (2007).


Zoltan Bela - Traces @ Anca Poterasu GallerySeptember 15, 2012

14.09 - 01.11.2012

Art show //Zoltan Bela - Traces @ Anca Poterasu Gallery

The works of Zoltan Bela are traces of the external world as such. He collects different objects from everyday life which afterwards become materialized in his works. But that externalization comes only after a period of assimilation.

We leave traces but at the same time we are traces and this is what Zoltan Bela expresses in this project. We see his objects as examples or materialization of his encounter with external factors. His paintings and objects are residues of the external world. (Ioana Stan)

Zoltan Bela (b. 1977, Targu-Mureș, Romania) He graduated the University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Department of Painting. Lives and works in Bucharest.

Latest Exhibitions: In Meditation: Feeling the Silence (Anca Poterasu Gallery, 2011); A certain time, a certain place, a certain state (Little Yellow Studio, București, 2010 ).


Tara (von Neudorf) - Raving HistorySeptember 15, 2012

23.08 - 23.09 @ Anaid Art Gallery

Art show//Tara (von Neudorf) - „Raving History”

Graphics - Reinterpreted communist propaganda.


DANCING FRAMES: Dancing City @ AiurartSeptember 11, 2012


Interactive art show //DANCING FRAMES: Dancing City


Photo-video project, created by the director Carmen Lidia Vidu and the photographer Dani Ionita.

In the period 29.08 - 17.09, this project is going to be decomposed and recomposed in several interactive audiovisual installations by the team POINT 4 Space Group.

(Justin Baroncea, Eduard Gabia şi Radu Enescu).