Bucharest will soon become the thermal capital of Europe

Bucharest will soon become the thermal capital of Europe

Later edit: Therme is now open and looking and feeling great!

Good news for our Bucharest tourists who fear cold weather. While travelling to a hard winter city, you will soon be able to enjoy a tropical day in what will be the largest thermal spa in a European capital.

In a few months, Bucharest will open the gates to an unusual relaxation alternative, only ten minutes from its city centre, Therme Bucharest. Quality thermal waters with unique benefits, more than 800,000 plants, including rare species and lots of palm trees in the largest botanical garden in Romania; this is indeed a place that is worth at least an afternoon of your trip to Bucharest.

Bucharest is the second largest thermal city in Europe, after Rome and the therme built in the northern part by the Wund Group, the world leader in the field, will also benefit from the company’s know-how, as the Bucharest project is by far the most modern of all.

The entry fee will be comparable to the price of a movie ticket, according to the company’s representatives.






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