What to do in Bucharest – Autumn 2014 Highlights

What to do in Bucharest – Autumn 2014 Highlights

September came quite fast in Bucharest, but we are glad holidays just started for some of you!

If you planned a trip to Bucharest this autumn and you still have no idea what is there to see and do, take a look at our highlights!

While George Enescu International Competition continues by the end of September and you have the chance to meet in audition some of the most interesting emerging musicians, you might want to spend your weekend of 12-14 of September on the background of a different kind of music. BalKaniK! Festival is a big event for music and traditions from the Balkans, with concerts, traditional fairs and goodies in an atmosphere you’ll probably not forget too soon, in a large open-air venue quite close to the city centre.

It is September, so festivals are naturally returning to Bucharest! If you like the healthy way of life and have a passion for cycling, don’t miss the opportunity to meet locals in Bucharest sharing your interests on Saturday-Sunday 13-14 of September @ BikeFest 2014. Largest event dedicated to the community and its sympathizers, as the name tells you this is THE festival in Bucharest for bikers, bicycles, and connected way of life. So, green fun in Bucharest, here we come!

The list of festivals continues with a delightful “gift” for the art lovers – Bucharest’s International New Arts Festival #3, themed Vortex will take place between 17 and 20 of September 2014. InnerSound New Arts Festival was created by young and enthusiastic artists from Romania, who gave it a unique format at its first edition in 2012. The festival was shaped ever since and is now bringing music, film, photography, acoustic or electronic instruments, a vortex of concerts, multimedia shows, short silent films with live music, workshops, performances, interactive installations and… beautiful people, offering the locals and tourists in Bucharest a fresh sonic and visual oasis. Sounds good!

This year 555 is the favourite number for Bucharest. Not 666, as some mischievous demons would expect. This number is about the age of our beloved city.  So city hall is spending some money for us (and you) to have fun in Bucharest in a sort of festival from 19 to 22 of September. Our highlights:

+ the DJ open air party in Constitutiei Square (in front of the House of Parliament, known as the second largest building in the world) on the 20th of September, if you like the dance-with-the-masses-all-night-long concept party, starting midnight

+ „iMapp Bucharest 555” an unfortunately name for an event which might be though interesting, as it is marketed as a video-mapping multimedia show unique in Europe, taking place on 20th of September starting 11 pm, so you can combine the popolo-dance with five shows - screenings on the House of Parliament (20,000 sq. m)

+ pop-rock/alternative music concert in Universitatii Square with some Romanian bands, starting 8 pm on 19 of September. (bonus – pay a visit to FEED ME art installation in the square)

For a less commercial version of the alternative/experimental sound of Bucharest, PeakNoise Festival on 18-20 of September could be a better choice. Your choice!

Music listeners are different. So is our approach in guidance through Bucharest’s highlights. So, hard(er) rock lovers, Bucharest presents you the opportunity to meet the community and listen to some local (and not only) music of your taste:

Underground Metal Fest (11- 13 of September 2014) – in a small but NOISY underground venue in Bucharest’s downtown (Question Mark) gathering 12 bands from Bucharest, Detroit and Brasov.

+ Heavy metal event in Fabrica venue (you’ll love the place!) on 15th of September, the day schools are opening for a new diligent year! So be there and learn what Unearth and the opening bands have to say it against it!

+ Keep the venue in mind for the next gig - Romanian Thrash Metal Fest 3rd edition - which will take place on 10-11 of October 2014. Extreme underground and lots of countries involved with bands names such as Sodomizer, Desaster, Grave, Extirpation… and more of what you’ll think “worst”!

If you want to go shopping in Bucharest this fall we recommend: The September Yard Sale @ Dianei 4 on September 20 and September 21; Reforma Garage Sale #4@ Pavilion on September 27 -28 and the SOLE & SHAPE #2 - Fall Edition - Sneaker Event @ Ciclop Parking on October 11 and October 12.

SOLE & SHAPE is the only sneaker event across the country.

October is “the month of tattoos” in the Romanian Capital! Between 10- 12 October you have the opportunity to visit the International Tattoo Convention Bucharest @ Turbohalle.

Keep the Turbohalle venue in mind for another head-bangers meeting, Maximum Rock Festival will run between October 24th and 25th.

 Photo credit: Miluta Flueras

Last but not least Bucharest extreme and harder stage this autumn ends with November to Dismember Metal Fest, which is, as the names tells, a good opportunity for heads to shake till dismember:). On 29 and 30 of November, looking for the winter to come in the morning as we speak.

We already hit over 4,000 characters and not even far from telling you about what is to do in Bucharest this autumn!

So we’ll let you also visit our Events section and discover the places recommended by the Bucharest locals, not before mentioning that two of the coolest events venues in Bucharest are celebrating their anniversaries in this period, with parties and concerts (Control and Colectiv, from 13th to 20th of September 2014, scroll down in their place pages linked here to see all scheduled events).

See you in Bucharest for a great autumn!

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