Bucharest International Jazz Competition

Bucharest International Jazz Competition

Between 17 and 24 May Bucharest will vibrate on jazz rhythms.

Bucharest International Jazz Competition, taking place under the EUROPAfest brand brings on the Capital’s scenes 22 bands from 21 countries: Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, UK, USA.

Under the slogan “100% jazz and more” the event presents exceptional concerts, jam sessions and workshops.

This year the American jazz artist Mike Davison will hold the workshop "Cuba: Rhythm in Motion"”, and the jam sessions will bring together artists with different cultural backgrounds. The public will see how the jazz from U.S.A. together with the European and South-American ones will sound. With international prestigious events in their portfolio, the participants will transform Bucharest in the capital of world jazz.

The public will find out the new trends, daring projects, “crème de la crème” of the new global jazz generations, clearly defined concepts all presented in unique performances.

If jazz means versatility, force and freedom through excellence, the EUROPAfest event - 100% jazz and more is a true explosion of colour and energy.

Everything is spontaneous, based on inspiration, talent and on the spot improvisation. The positive force that jazz generates and the bands’ projects keep the halls full each time.

In 2014, EUROPAfest 100% jazz and more will take place at Excelsior Theatre, Odeon Theatre, but also in unconventional spaces such as Ibis Cafe.

Throughout the 8 editions, Bucharest International Jazz Competition gained the reputation of the most powerful international jazz contest in the area and was ranked by BBC in the first 3 jazz contests in Europe.

Under the slogan “It’s all about live-quality-music!” EUROPAfest 2014 takes place between 8 and 24 May, offering jazz, blues, pop, classic concerts with over 300 musicians from 45 countries.

Its agenda comprises: Europe’s Day concert, live jazz, blues, pop concerts, international contests, jam sessions, workshops, caffe festival, festival’s corner and Gala. The complete agenda of the festival and information about the tickets can be found on the www.jmevents.ro website or following the facebook page of EUROPAfest.

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