Stunning timelapse video portrait of Bucharest by InvidFilms

Stunning timelapse video portrait of Bucharest by InvidFilms

If you are planning a trip to Bucharest and want to discover the day life rhythm of the Romanian capital city  Timo Lutencu put together this incredible time-lapse of Bucharest.

For a higher sharpness (to get a feeling of artificial), I chose to take pictures, and then install them in video sequences.

Man is the kind of species that loves miniaturizing. Since childhood, creating and collecting small objects, organizing them in a certain manner, man realizes that this is the way of easily dominating this miniature universe that is still uncontrollable. This project tries to offer a new perspective of perception of the urban space in Bucharest, giving the viewer the possibility to see an entire city in miniature, to see it shown and forwarded through an uncontaminated vision, to understand that the city is a living organism that can only survive if all its elements function in an organized manner. InvidFilms


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