Old Fashioned Bucharest

Old Fashioned Bucharest

Vintage signs, old school commerce, this retro air of some streets in Bucharest sometimes can make you nostalgic. Every town has a quiet past, trying to make sense all together with the new steel and concrete buildings, the fast cars and large boulevards…

Walking along beautiful old houses is usual in the centre of Bucharest. Some of them are kept in good shape, some are weeping, some are took over by the nature, like in the south-american novels:)

This is an alternative Bucharest image: remains of the different cultural and time layers, some of them communist, some of them from the 20s-40s.

the “fashion house”

“the best friend of my family”

vintage shoes maker window

a tailor’s shop

CIRESICA day bar


FASHION exhibit

the leather dye shop

CARPATI HOTEL  - providing clean rooms with heater:)







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