November Walk in Bucharest

November Walk in Bucharest

Last days with summer in Bucharest. We took out our camera and “snap-shooting” around:)

Secret little streets, small parks and hidden visual treasures – that’s what we are hunting – as we like this underground Bucharest feeling, an alternative image of what a city postcard may show. On Sundays, the houses are still as in a picture. You can just walk with the feeling that everything belongs to you, if you have enough memory on your card (or enough space in your heart:)

Funny decorations of the fences, strange windows, almost poetic in their blindness, twisted details of how people imagine their personal and public space. This Bucharest is not for tourists who like just to follow the rules, but for those who are really thrilled by discovering a city in its best (and worse:)

(the blue eyed building)

(the tree roofed fence)

(the windows trilogy of aperture) 

(broken camouflage)

(doll, naked)

(drain painting)

(drawing necessity)

(sun dried peppers)

(fence on fence)

(round eyes:)

(green under surveillance)

(fence and fortress)

(the window mattress)

(window coloured decorations)

(window detail)

(a bird)

(wired corners)

(do not cross)


(mushroom window)

(a monument)

















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