Bucharest Tips – Alternative travel guide

What is Bucharest Tips?

Bucharest Tips is a website about Bucharest; it is not the commercial Bucharest, the glamorous one, nor the poor and ugly. We don’t even think those “Bucharests” really exists. A town cannot be a cliché, a stereotype; this is only what people do when they want to “scratch out and go next”, without really experiencing.

We propose you a vivid town, made of good and bad, ugly and beautiful, where that poetry of the contrasts makes it real, enjoyable, even lovable.

Bucharest Tips is an independent online travel guide, which was born based on the idea that the locals are the best guides for discovering a city. A different approach for choosing where to go, what to do, what to visit in Bucharest(choosing your profile and matching it with a local one, you get the recommendations that suits you) you don’t need to browse hundreds of places or listen to the usual stereotypes about what the city has to offer.

Why we do it?

We are a bunch of Bucharest enthusiasts and we strongly believe that our city deserves better.

We also believe that tourists deserve a better experience too.

How it works?

Our editors interview real Bucharest locals, from artists and freelancers to professionals and more, about what they like and hate in the city, about what they do in the city, and afterwards publish the info on the website.

Each tourist has a different profile and different interests, based on lifestyle, age, occupation

Bucharest Tips offer touristic information which matches each profile, directly from interviewed locals sharing similar tastes and interests, through a unique customized search tool:

  1. Choose your life style (from “experimentalist” to “lazy bones”, from “sporty” to “gourmand”, the visitor choose between the 14 keywords those matching its lifestyle)
  2. Refine Search (among the profiles recommended as similar, the tourist can choose a specific age group and a certain occupation category: student, freelancer, entrepreneur etc.)
  3. See recommendations of the locals with similar interests, from restaurants and cafes to clubs, art galleries and museums
  4. Visit dedicated page of the chosen place, with contact details, events and other recommendations from the locals, as well as similar places in Bucharest

Bucharest Tips is a subjective travel guide. We rely partly on tips from locals which share with us their Bucharest experience. Real people talking about their city; where to eat, drink, party, go shopping and what to do in Bucharest!

We hope that Bucharest Tips is a user friendly platform, no fees; no strings attached just pure local information. For ideas and complaints just write to us at editor @ bucharest-tips.com

Reviews & Listings policy

Our editors are free to review and add any place, or everything that is of genuine interest to a Bucharest tourist and local.

We try to review everything we like almost anonymously, but in some cases the venues might know that we are there so in those cases we gather info from the usual customers of the place striving to make all the reviews as fair as possible.

Bucharest Tips covers events, day, night, culture, food and shopping, based mainly on the local’s opinions.

The venues on the site are listed based on the opinions of the locals which we constantly interview and on our editors’ subjective opinion too (places they like or find interesting) ☺. Therefore, if you are a Bucharest business owner, the listing on the site is free of charge. All you have to do is design your business, doing your best and let your customers speak for you.

Advertising policy

Despite the fact that the listing on the site is free of charge we can carry advertising content in our editorial stream which will be labeled as ‘sponsored’.

We can also provide the traditional banner ads, a photo gallery and presentation texts for a better appearance of your business and more, just contact us for more info at: editor @ bucharest-tips.com.

We do not accept guest posts (so only if you intend to speak about your Bucharest, give us a sign and we’ll interview you!).